• Nicolle Stinson: Growing Brands Into Six- and Seven-Figure Businesses

  • Posted on November 15, 2020
  • Having coached more than 30,000 people on making money onlineand generating over $550,000 from her digital business herself, Nicolle Stinson has truly made a name for herself in the online marketing industry.

    Nicolle Stinson,best know as Nic Lynn, is a 46-year-old stay-at-home mom of a beautiful 6 year old daughter and also has 4 adult children. Nicolle has served as a digital marketing coach for six years. She is the founder of Typists At Home, Cash N Color, and the 10 Dollar Life Changer.. Over the years, the rising marketing expert has helped hundreds of women walk away from corporate America and build their businesses. She has also successfully worked with entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mothers, and other aspirants in the business field.

    At present, Nicolle Stinson is making a significant buzz in the digital marketing scene for helping many entrepreneurs establish their names. Through Instagram and Facebook branding and other specific strategies, she has helped many people get to the point of earning six and seven figures. The proud coach takes pride in having been part of the success of many entrepreneurs.

    “Building a profitable brand or business is 100% possible no matter your background,” says Nicolle Stinson. She believes that having the right mindset and support will ensure ultimate success. This belief is not unfounded. In fact, her belief stems from a personal experience that has proved that success in business or career does not look into where the business owner or entrepreneur comes from.

    Being a shunned from her corporate career after standing up to wrong doings, Nicolle Stinson was nervous about starting her own business as she felt scared to proceed. Knowing that entrepreneurship is mostly trial and error before reaching success, she was inspired to start a coaching career that quickly paid off. Eventually, she also established 3 of her own businesses, which continues to help others do the same today.

    Today, Nicolle Stinson has become a rising personality in social media, and has many followers on many platforms. She maintainsher mission to help people reach their life goals and dreams. Ultimately, she hopes to continue sharing her expertise with people in need.

    Nicolle Stinson has dedicated much of her life and career to coaching entrepreneurs on how to properly brand themselves and build their businesses successfully.. She has helped them establish their own brands and replace their nine to five incomes. “My authenticity is the reason people seem to click with me.  I have always stayed true to myself and people see that” says Nicolle Stinson. Indeed, she is a true inspiration for many who fear leaving the jobs they are used to or who think they are not worthy of their dreams.. She has shown the limitless possibilities that hard work, coupled with passion, is reachable.

    Learn more about Nic Lynn and her businesses by checking her out on Twitter You may also check out her typist businesses through it's official website.

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